Structure demolition

Structural demolition overview

Structural demolition is not a walk in the park. Manchester Demolition is well placed to deliver a safe, environmentally friendly and a budget wise project. We focus on a process that will assist you to salvage and recycle material for reuse.

We are ready to take down your building in a methodological fashion. We have worked on structural demolition projects for:

  • Industrial plants
  • Hotels
  • Chemical plants
  • Large commercial properties
  • Sporting facilities
  • Residential homes

This experience gives us a distinct advantage compared to most of the players in the industry. Our extensive portfolio guarantees that we know how to address challenges that arise on a structural demolition job.

Manchester Demolition will assess your needs and put together a comprehensive structural steel demolition plan that will make certain that you recoup some of the project costs whilst giving the environment a helping hand by putting reclaimed materials to other uses or offering it for recycling purposes.

We have a dedicated world-class team made up of knowledgeable professionals. This team has decades of combined work experience. It doesn’t hurt that they have outstanding people skills that make them a pleasure to work with.

Our significant investment on mechanical gear like excavators, cranes and hydraulic equipment means that we are bringing the very best tools needed to tackle structural steel demolition. Our team undergoes continual learning so that they are conversant with the latest industry technologies.

The aforementioned empowers to implement a flawless structural demolition process. We develop unique plans for each operation. However, each plan depends on our clearly defined processes that enable us to promote safety and quality.

Our processes is guided by Health and Safety guidelines that are set by the authorities.  If a company develops a plan outside of the recommended guidelines you are better off cutting the relationship before it becomes costly

Structural Demolition in Manchester

What is demolition?

The process involves Rotational hydraulic shears and rock-beakers attached to specialist excavators are also used to cut or break through wood, cut steel and crush concrete which reduces the structure to a rubble 

What is a premature collapse?

Premature collapse of these structures is one of the main causes of serious injuries resulting from demolition activities. The most common type of incidents is the lack of planning before commencement

Demolition hazards

If a demolition project is well planned the risks of injury and death can be minimised. It should be emphasised that the planning and execution of a demolition project should only be done by appropriately competent persons.

What is a section 80 demolition notice?

If your considering demolishing an existing building you will need to submit a demolition, Section 80 Notice together with your (RAMS) to your local authority according to section 80 

What is a pre-demolition survey

When a building is to be demolished the (non-domestic) client (usually the property owner) has a duty to provide pre-demolition information to the designer and contractor. This will involve a pre-demolition investigation and survey. 

How to manage asbestos in demolition

One of the key issues arising in demolition these days is asbestos. Widely used in construction projects by previous generations, asbestos is now accepted as the UK’s largest occupational killer and there are strict guidelines for the safe removal 

House demolition in Manchester

Why let your house demolition efforts feel stressful. We have over 50 years experience in house demolition in Manchester,  we are able to deliver a variety of demolition and development services throughout Greater Manchester. 

What is manual demolition?

Among the methods, manual demolition is found to be most applicable for most sites, especially for areas located in the urban zone. The safety of the demolition process would greatly depend on the type of procedure used.

What is non-explosive demolition?

You do not need explosives for every demolition job. Most people assume that for a demolition to be a demolition there is a need for a kaboom. It does not have to be that way

Structural demolition

Structural demolition is not a walk in the park. Total Group is well placed to deliver a safe, environmentally friendly and a budget wise project. We focus on a process that will assist you to salvage and recycle material for reuse.

What is high risk demolition?

The building contractor needs to make a thorough risk assessment to look for both risks and hazards. Control measures are then implemented to prevent any accident that could be fatal. 

Controlled demolition methods

If you have a large building that requires demolishing, you cannot rely solely on manual demolition to get the project completed. There is only so much that a team of demolition contractors.

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