What is a demolition Health & Safety Management System ?

Every organisation should have a clear policy for the systematic management of health and safety so that health and safety risks may be effectively addressed and controlled and those with five or more employees, it is a legal requirement that the policy must be in writing. A good health and safety policy indicate the primary objectives that the adopted health and safety management system hopes to achieve.

The health and safety policy and management system will also complement those policies in areas such as quality, the environment and human resources. As for those areas, for health and safety policy and its associated management system to be successful, it must contain realistic goals and involvement of all levels of management within the organisation.

Planning to implement the health and safety policy is the key element of any  health and safety management system. An effective planning system for health and safety requires organisations to set up, operate and maintain a management system that can detect, eliminate and control hazards and risks This process is particular important when there are long latency periods before a health problem becomes apparent, such as asbestosis or lung cancer caused by asbestos fibre inhalation.

Since the primary objective of any health and safety plan is to prevent people being harmed at work, workplace precautions must be provided and maintained at the point of risk. Risks are created in the workplace as resources and information are used to create products and services in the demolition process.

This activity model also applies to other industries including construction, education, leisure, hospitals and local authorities. Workplace precautions to match the hazards and risks are needed at each stage of the demolition process. They can include machine guards, electrical safeguards, flammable liquid storage, dust controls safety instructions and systems of work.

Preparation of an effective health and safety policy

The preparation of an effective health and safety policy is an essential first step in the formulation of the demolition health and safety management system. The health and safety policy will only remain as words on paper, however good the intentions, until there is an effective organisation set up to implement and monitor its requirements.

Some policies are written so that most of the wording concerns strict requirements laid on employees and only a few vague words cover managers responsibilities. Generally , such policies do not meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act or the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, which require an effective policy with a robust organisation and arrangements to be set up.

For a policy to be effective, it must be honoured in the spirit as well as the letter. A good health and safety policy together with a an effective demolition health and safety plan will also enhance the performance of the organisation in areas other than health and safety, help with the personal development pf the workforce and reduce financial losses.

Most of the key elements required for effective health and safety management are very similar to those required for good quality, finance, and general business management. Commercially successful demolition companies usually have impeccable demolition health and safety management systems in place. The principles of good and effective management provide a sound basis for the improvements of health and safety performance 

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