Demolition COSHH Assessment

What is a demolition COSHH Assessment ?

A demolition COSHH assessment helps you to identify the hazards and risks from hazardous substances on a demolition project. Simply put, it’s a thorough demolition risk assessment that concentrates on your workplace’s exposure to hazardous substances. You only need to carry out a COSHH assessment if hazardous substances are likely to be present in your workplace. The 2002 COSHH Regulations updated the 1999 Regulations with a few chages which include; additional definitions like Inhalable dust and health surveillance; clarify and extend the steps required under risk assessment; introduce a duty to deal with accidents and emergencies.

In 2004, the Amendment Regulations were passed, but they were not enforced until 2005. The 2004 Amendment Regulations replace Regulations 7 (7) and (8) by substituting new requirements to observe principles of good practice for the control of exposure to 2A, to ensure that workplace exposure limits are not exceeded, and to ensure in respect of carcinogens and asthmagens that exposure is reduced to as low a level as is reasonably practicable.

They also introduce a single new Workplace Exposure Limit for substances hazardous to health which replaces occupational exposure standards and maximum exposure limits. The amendment regulations introduce a duty to review control measures other than the provision of plant and equipment, including systems of work and supervision, at suitable intervals. COSHH covers most substances hazardous to health found in workplaces of all types. The substances covered by COSHH include:

  • Substances used directly in work activities, e.g. solvents, paints, adhesive and cleaning fluids
  • Substances generated during processes of work activities ( e.g. dust from sanding and fumes from welding)
  • Naturally occurring substances e.g. grain dust 

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