Demolition works and the CDM Regulations 2015

Demolition is one of the most hazardous construction operations and is responsible for more deaths and major injuries than any other activity. Under the (CDM)  2015 regulations all demolition work requires a written plan to show how danger will be prevented. If a demolition project is well planned the risks of injury and death can be minimised. It should be emphasised that the planning and execution of a demolition project should only be done by appropriately competent persons. The work should be supervised by someone with sufficient knowledge of the particular structure being dismantled and an understanding of the demolition method statement.

For complex demolition projects, expert advice from structural engineers will be applicable. All demolition works must be carried out so as to minimise, so far as  is reasonable practicable, the risks to employees and others who may be affected by the activities. CDM 2015 applies to all demolition work. The HSE must be informed before work begins if the construction work, including demolition, is to last for 30 days and has 20 workers working simultaneously or more than 500 person days are involved  

Construction (Design and Management ) Regulations 2015

The CDM 2015 Regulations where introduced in April 2015. The policy objectives behind CDM 2015 are to:

  • Maintain or improve worker protection
  • Simplify the regulatory package;
  • Improve health and safety standards on construction and demolition sites
  • Implement the Temporary or Mobile Construction Sites Directives (TMCSD) in a proportionate way;
  • Discourage bureaucracy; and meet better regulation requirements   

The CHAW Regulations 1996 were revoked by CDM 2007 which has been retained by CDM 2015. Without the work at heights provisions (Regulations 6, 7 and 8), their requirements form the basis of Part 4 and Schedule 2 ( Welfare facilities) of the CDM 2015 Regulations. Some issues already covered by the Workplace Regulations are particularly important in construction and demolition. These include traffic management and lighting. Because these are so important, CDM 2015 duplicates aspects that was not legally necessary.   

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